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Welcome to the homepage of Jack and the Giant. No, seriously, this is the homepage of Jack and the Giant. You are Jack and Homework is the Giant. Now you know where the name comes from, another piece of information to add to your already cluttered brain. UHomework can help you. I am not going to explain to you what UHomework is because you should have read what it was before you reached this site. So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest UHomework now! If you have any ideas for UHomework, please send them to me using the contact form.


9/30/06 (updated 11/12)

The UHomework repository and version 2.0 are here!

To use the Debian apt-get repository:
  1. Add the following lines to the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list:
  2. deb ubuntu main
    deb-src ubuntu main
  3. Now add the GPG key so apt-get can validate the program
  4. gpg --keyserver --recv 5520779B
    gpg --export --armor D8AF0C30 | sudo apt-key add -
  5. Now run the following commands to install UHomework
  6. sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install uhomework
  7. Or alternatively you could install it from source
  8. sudo apt-get source -b uhomework


UHomework 1.14 BETA is out! See below.
    LONDON, UK (Fabricated Press) – Illusionist, performance artist, and general public irritant Blaine Davis announced Saturday that he will continue his quest to break the world record for consecutive days spent inside a portable toilet.
As of Saturday, Davis had not left the porta-potty for 19 days. The current record of 24 days is held by Greg Zisk, a Californian who remained seated on a similar toilet from April 4 – 28, 1983 while visiting Tijuana, Mexico. Zisk later claimed his feat was involuntary.
“When I realized I couldn’t keep up with my homework, wasn't sure if I would be able to go on,” a clearly exhausted Davis proclaimed through a loudspeaker atop the specially-constructed fiberglass commode in Fitzroy Square. “These stunts get really boring without something to help me do my homework, you know?
“But then a very generous benefactor sent in the Sony VAIO laptop,” Davis continued, “It had UHomework installed so I was able to do my homework and was finally able to keep going. Not only will it give me the option to set my favorite browser, it will also give me the option to uninstall it by typing uhomework -r. Its all-new install script will install UHomework, even if I pass out from the fumes in here.”
Standing by with a team of medics, Dr. Charlton Tottenham of the Royal Society for the Amelioration of Art Damage noticed an improvement in Davis’s condition within an hour of the Sony VAIO's delivery. “We think the quickness of the program have done wonders for Mr. Davis’s psychological health,” he said. “And that’s not even mentioning the new help feature, although I should think he wouldn't need it since UHomework is so easy to use. It’s not as if he’s got anything else to do.”
The emotional toll of the stunt was evident in Davis’s voice as he made the defiant announcement. “I call myself a magician,” he said in a wavering voice, “but it’s you people who make the real magic happen. Catholics and Anglicans, Eurotrance listeners and hard jungle listeners, Millwall supporters and West Ham supporters – all united in wonderment at the wonder of my wondrous performance.”
In response, an estimated eight passersby briefly turned their heads toward Davis before continuing on their various ways.
“I may be the one inside this portajohn,” Davis sobbed, “but every one of you is locked in the portajohn in my heart.”


    UHomework 0.93 is here! A new themeable interface helps you to get the look and feel you have always desired! View the changelog or look below for details.


    The new version of UHomework is almost here! With the easy to use, new and updated script, you can watch the colorful install process of UHomework, add an icon to your desktop, and even OPEN IT WITH ANY BROWSER! It is a dream come true!

About UHomework

UHomework is an open source program.
The developers for UHomework are as follows:
 If you would like to contribute to this projects please visit the recruitment page.

What is UHomework?

What is UHomework? I have done all this work for you and you are asking me what UHomework is? This is extremely insulting. I will not stand for this! You are the most ungrateful little..... OK here it is.

UHomework is a merge of GHomework and KHomework. It has a user-friendly interface and loads quickly for you on the go people. It is Internet based so don't worry I didn't knock myself out making this program. Currently it is only made for Linux distrobutions so ha-ha you PC and Mac people! UHomework  has many helpful search engines for homework that include SparkNotes, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Google.

Versions of UHomework:

UHomework will have a predictable release cycle of once a month. The current version of UHomework is 0.93.

This site & project is managed by John Smith. Please support UHomework by helping develop this program. No donations are neccessary nor required. This is an open-source project available to anyone, and everyone, who wishes to use it under the GNU Public License. Thank you for your support. Logo

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